Business Consulting

Bridging the gap between users, business stakeholders and digital delivery teams to truly understand goals and develop pragmatic, creative and effective solutions.


Our product strategists work closely with your stakeholders, users and subject-matter-experts to architect new services and build digital strategies; starting from inception and continuing right through the delivery lifecycle to live support and enhancement. Their practical experience in designing digital services can help to align the different perspectives of stakeholder groups, supporting communication to all groups and accelerating the delivery process.

Research and Design

Our user experience researchers and designers work closely with all stakeholders (users, employees, subject-matter-experts, senior leaders) to develop true user understanding and iteratively design high-quality user experiences, factoring in the entire user journey for users of all skill levels. They work in close collaboration with our specialist performance analysts translating data into actionable insights.

Agile Business Analysis

Our Agile business analysts ensure that the product vision is translated into ‘epics’ and user stories that a developer can build. They are experienced in the Agile development process and can write requirements at an appropriate detail level to ensure that developers are not constrained in their approach but have clear required outcomes and acceptance criteria. They manage the product backlog, contribute to the estimation process and provide vital detailed input around all functional and non-functional requirements.