How we work

We provide advice on technical design, architecture and business analysis and delivery. We also provide software development services, building IT platforms from the ground up using technologies that match our clients' needs.

How we work

At Solirius we follow a double diamond approach - using Lean design methodology to produce the product strategy and Agile methodology to deliver product development. We deliver through incremental and iterative sprint cycles enabling benefits to be realised early.


Technology Consulting

The primary purpose of our technology consulting practice is to help them make the right technology choices for their organisation. To help get large technology projects off to the best possible start we can provide technical consultants who work with our clients to provide them with independent technical advice and guidance, supporting them with market analysis, IT strategy development, technical architecture and technical risk assessment. Our teams have designed the technology platforms for some of the largest projects in the public and private sector.

Software Engineering

We believe that working in a small, highly skilled, multi disciplined team is the most effective way of delivering quality software. At the core of our philosophy is the need for the entire team to have a shared common understanding of the product that they need to build. Our teams typically work in small teams that are embedded in the business. Using agile delivery methodologies and automated pipelines, our teams aim on delivering an MVP quickly, and iterating rapidly - learning from each release.

Delivery Consulting

Our delivery practice is focussed around you the client. By focussing on understanding your needs and your customers needs we will work with you to create a delivery approach, which delivers solutions that provide outstanding results for your business and your customers. We take the best of Lean, Continuous Improvement and Agile methodologies to ensure the delivery process from research and design through to delivery and implementation exceeds your expectations.

Business Consulting

Any business change can be challenging, especially if it involves new technology. Excellent communication and stakeholder engagement is crucial. Our first priority is to learn about our clients, the challenges that they face and the true problem to be solved. We then work closely with users to understand their needs and motivations. We use this to work collaboratively with stakeholder groups and technology teams to co-design and develop pragmatic and creative solutions that deliver high quality outcomes within time and budget constraints. Our Business Consulting team have comprehensive experience working on projects for small and large clients in multiple sectors.