Technology Consulting Services

Technology Consulting

Our technology consultants work with our clients to provide them with independent technical advice or help them to develop their IT strategies so that they can make the right technology choices for their organisation. Our consultants are typically deployed in small teams working closely with our clients to understand their business and their organisation strategy. We can offer advice at various levels to help ensure that IT investments are made with realisable business gains. Our consultants can work with clients to manage 3rd party implementations and provide independent assurance.

Integration Consulting

Communication between disparate systems is central to current technology solutions, which means that integration is a key design element. The optimal approach for integrating systems is not always clear: Are micro services appropriate? How about using Enterprise Service Bus technology? Which platforms are worth considering, and why? The list of possibilities and constraints can seem endless. Our integration teams have delivered solutions in a range of complex situations. We are acutely aware of the challenges involved, and how to effectively resolve those challenges with a range of tools and techniques.

Technical Architecture Delivery

We specialise in providing experienced architecture specialists across a broad range of areas including (but not restricted to) Application, Security, Infrastructure, Data and Enterprise Architecture. Our team of architects support projects and programmes of all sizes and types from traditional waterfall infrastructure deployments to agile GDS based application developments. We work closely with our clients, co-located on a day-to-day basis. We are used to working in blended teams with our clients and/or 3rd parties.Our architects have a minimum of 10 years’ experience and strong technical/delivery backgrounds.


We provide a vendor agnostic ERP and CRM delivery service which helps our clients understand if ERP/CRM is right for them, and how it could be integrated in their business and their processes. We can then provide vendor agnostic advice on the ERP/CRM solution that will best meet their needs, with a view on how much their processes would need to change to incorporate the new solution. Our technical architects and developers ensure that the business can migrate without interruption to a new solution that integrates with existing systems and data.

Machine Learning and Data Science

Effective Machine Learning (ML) built upon a sound understanding data and statistics. The significant advances in computing power and cloud-based server capacity in the past 20 years have increasingly enabled us to apply complex statistical methods to find patterns in data and predict probable outcomes. As more data is analyzed, the model learns and uses the initial predictions as markers to produce even more accurate predictions.

At Solirius, our Machine Learning teams are built around a number of key roles, including; experienced data scientists, visualization specialists, AI experts and Distributed System engineers. They have an excellent understanding of tools such as Hadoop, Python, MATLAB, AWS Sagemaker, Tensorflow, OpenCV and more. They have experience implementing the latest algorithms to solve problems in a number of applications. Their focus is always to fully understand their business so that the relevant data may be analysed to deliver real measurable business benefit.